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Google Reviews - The Fireplace Store

Morris Lakeman
21:14 01 May 19
I am really happy with the pricing of my fireplace, most importantly after our discussion they were able to recommend the perfect fireplace for my needs. The unit was installed by Abbas installer that provided me with quality and professional service.
Phillip Pavlov
04:19 25 Apr 19
The unit was installed very well. The installation was customized to our needs, which was great. Overall excellent service. Would highly recommend them.
Татьяна Павлова
04:25 25 Apr 19
Top service! From buying to getting our fireplace installed. Well done!
Ehsan Kimiagar
01:17 01 Apr 19
You haven't seen a fireplace store like this. Check it out!
Rick Miller
23:34 03 Jun 19
Adam Fisher
02:31 24 Sep 19
Highly knowledgeable and took the time to educate us on which product options would optimize the space. Would recommend The Fireplace Store to anyone looking for superior service and high quality products.
Ray Skochelas
19:17 01 Oct 19
I contacted The Fireplace Store, regarding a problem that I was having with my gas fireplace. Even though I did not purchase my fireplace from them, they were very helpful, and answered all my questions. They also confirmed that I was getting a fair price from the company that installed my unit, and that would be doing the repair. They also suggested, that I ask my installer why the problem occurred in the first place, in an effort to prevent the same problem from happening again. Totally honest, helpful and straight-up people. Thank you again.
16:14 03 Oct 19
Awesome experience from selection to installation. Very friendly, professional and humble people. Thank you.
Samuel Chandler
07:57 12 Oct 19
I had them install a new Kingsman VRB46N fireplace in a bedroom couple months ago. They were knowledgeable, responsive and the installer was amazing. It is a beautiful fireplace.  A few weeks later an old set of gas logs in a different part of the house from 25 years ago finally stopped working and they are replacing with new ones.  They did a thorough job of measuring and found a solution that met my budget. I highly suggest buying from this establishment.
Jeffrey Kotter
23:50 18 Oct 19
Came to clean my fireplace and replaced gas valve that previous owners left in house. Solved problems and got the job done in a very reasonable time frame(faster than quoted).
susan ginou
13:14 01 Nov 19
Very happy with the pricing, the valor gas fireplace and the quick and clean installation. Thanks to Kevin for his expertise and promptness. Also to Haytham for a top notch installation. I recommend these guys as your first call.
mohammadali moezzi
01:28 02 Nov 19
I had an issue with my fireplace, they were really helpful . Strongly suggest this site to whom that need help with the fireplace. Specially thanks Dan for his help.
Rosenda Rivas
04:42 07 Nov 19
These guys were fantastic to deal with. Originally I wanted a wood burning fireplace but my chimney did not allow it by today’s codes. So they suggested put in a stunning Valor Portrait natural gas fireplace! They were very fair in pricing and very quick to complete the job! The fireplace adds so much warmth to the room, my wife and I absolutely love it! The cats are big fans too!
Felix Holloway
23:43 23 Nov 19
We have just had a gas fireplace installed with mantle etc.  An extremely professional company with care for the customer's needs and wants being top priority.  Excellent prices, timely and clean work.  We would recommend them to anyone who asks.
Jay Carpenter
11:40 24 Nov 19
The Fireplace Store was an excellent business to deal with in all aspects of our gas fireplace renewal project. Our existing fireplace/chimney chase needed a lot of remedial work to correct it's shoddy construction by the original builder of our home. Dan spent the better part of a day repairing damage and correcting things before he was able to install our new fireplace. The resulting upcharge was reasonable. The brick layers/masons who installed the stone around the new fireplace were excellent as well. All staff were most careful and respectful of out home and property. I would not hesitate to recommend The Fireplace Store for your fireplace renovation project.
Milton Taylor
03:31 21 Dec 19
We purchased our electric fireplace because it was the one thing that was missing in our home and I finally decided to give this a try to have for Christmas and we love it! It looks so real! Gives the ambiance of a real one would.
Drew Carroll
01:58 12 Jan 20
Absolutely incredible personable experience. Kevin was amazing to work with and help guide us in a perfect direction. Highly recommend this company Thanks a million Deaner!
Margot Gibb-Clark
16:04 05 Feb 20
The Fireplace store was lovely to deal with. When I first visited, Dan knew I had a limited budget. He showed me an inexpensive unit and didn't try to up-sell me, which I appreciated.Eventually I was able to spend more and got a Valor unit which I find very attractive. The guys seemed very careful installing and then checking it was running properly and came back when I had a glitch. Thank you Zoroast.
Lynn Philpot
09:28 06 Feb 20
I just purchased a Kingsman see through from Zoroast. First of all, the showroom is outstanding - from the decor, to the product quality and quantity - they have everything. The staff were also very helpful and knowledgeable  about the product and gave handy tips to deal with maintenance. After purchasing the product, they arranged to have it delivered and assembled. After assembly, they completed a thorough check of the gas line, product and its overall setup. I am so happy with my experience. This is definitely one specialty store I would recommend to anyone!
Benjamin Diaz
15:51 25 Feb 20
I am a professional interior designer and finding this show room was a blessing for me. They have all types of fireplaces you can imagine, from wood to gas and electric, also there is an option to order a custom-build fireplace if you want something unique. The staff is very helpful and friendly which is a huge bonus. I love bringing my clients here!
Austin Smith
00:26 26 Feb 20
Very satisfied!! Took their time with us answering all our questions, not high pressure sales. Best prices and great support and service.
samantha roberts
19:50 26 May 20
Really great customer service from this store.Kevin had a wealth of knowledge to offer.Happy with the installed and finished product.Thanks,Sam Roberts
Keivan Eshghi
17:54 18 Aug 20
You are dealing with a professional team. Daniel their operation officer is an amazing person. He is very knowledgeable and explains all the details and options and answers all your questions. My wife and I are extremely happy with our purchase and highly recommend their store. Our experience with them was great. If you are in the market for a fireplace, this is the place to go and do not look any further.
Shawn Morrison
18:51 22 Aug 20
Great place for gas stoves.
Barbara S.
03:44 08 Aug 20
I am a professional interior designer and finding this show room was a blessing for me. They have all types of fireplaces you can imagine, from wood to gas and electric, also there is an option to order a custom-build fireplace if you want something unique. The staff is very helpful and friendly which is a huge bonus. I love bringing my clients here!
Tabitha Forbes
00:32 04 Aug 20
My husband and I recently purchased a gas fireplace here and we are so happy with it! We also got it with a 10% off offer.
Only Friends
20:55 13 Jun 22
From the moment I walked into their impressive showroom I knew this was the place I was going to find my dream fireplace! I was greeted by Vanessa at the front desk who has a vast knowledge of fireplaces, from their unique features to even recommending the right fireplace based on my current decor and setup of the room I was putting it into. She was incredibly warm and professional, made me feel important, valued as a customer, and spent as much time answering my questions as needed! I highly recommend this place, and definitely ask for Vanessa when you do go! You won’t be disappointed! I would give more than 5 stars if it was possible ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Alan E
02:11 31 Jul 22
Can’t be happier with the experience. Yessica went out of her way to ensure the fireplace chosen would fit in the location of our basement. The installation done by JP was nothing but professional, he was polite and courteous, cleaned up after and installed the fireplace perfectly to spec.Definitely the place to go for a fireplace.
Navid Afsharian
21:05 10 Aug 22
Friendly and knowledgeable people, beautiful showroom with a large selection on display. Great prices. What more could you want!
Andrew Smith
17:48 14 Feb 22
We had the greatest experience with our fireplace purchase. Vanessa was a pleasure to work with. She answered all of my questions right away, felt like she was a fireplace technician. The installation was scheduled within a matter of a week from date of purchase. The installers were on-time and courteous. They did such a great job with the install. They even walked us through the functionality of the fireplace. If you need a fireplace you have to buy it here. You won’t be disappointed.
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Fireplace Store in Newmarket

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces have several benefits. For instance, they can produce a continuous heat supply without putting you through the hassle of cleaning them afterwards. Using one is also cheaper than electric fireplaces, especially in the long term. They also create a safer environment and are more convenient. To experience all the advantages of gas fireplaces, consider buying one from the selections at The Fireplace Store.

We have various models from the most reputable brands in the region to help you find the perfect solution to your unique heating needs. The fireplaces can perform inside and outside. They all have different designs and sizes for various fittings. The level of versatility found in these gas fireplaces is hard to find in the other types. They are also very dependable and will not stop working in case of a power outage. Our gas stoves also provide the same benefits and efficiency. They can help you conserve fuel and save money by reducing your utility bills, especially in summer when heating requirements are minimal in most Markham homes.


Electric Fireplaces

The sight of burning logs can be soothing, but the amount of work involved in making that fire can be off-putting. That is why you should consider electric fireplaces. They are easier to manage and can still set the right mood in the room with their fake logs. Electric fireplaces do not fail when it comes to keeping the rooms warm. They deliver as expected and look great because of their well-thought-out finishes.

Electric fireplaces in our stock are meant to complement the existing décor and can be functional throughout the year. You can get a model that allows you to turn on the flames without the heat to keep the room interesting, even in summer. You do not have to endure the boredom of a blank box. Their elegance can also transform how you entertain your friends and family. They make the house more welcoming regardless of their size. Get the best electric fireplaces Newmarket can provide in our store today.

Heat and Glo SimpliFire Allusion60 OrangeFlame BlueLights

Outdoor Fireplaces

Sitting around an outdoor fire can only be a pleasant experience when you end up with a fireplace that has all the correct components. The Fireplace Store has units with all the right features that give you an extraordinary experience. For instance, you can get one with a glass door to enhance safety, especially when you have young ones running around. The fireplaces are also more than stylish. They are performance-oriented and can make any outdoor activity more enjoyable. They make every minute spent outside more delightful with their finishes and energy efficiency. You can choose a fireplace design that complements the furniture to create an outdoor leisure space unlike any other.

You don’t have to worry about durability either. The fireplaces have been made with different materials, including stainless steel and bricks, to ensure they last long. Our selections from top brands like Kingsman and Valor are also built to function with minimal maintenance.

Valor L3 Series Gas Fireplace

Ethanol Biofuel Fireplaces

Biofuel is known for its sustainability and ability to produce smokeless heat. Using it means not dealing with soot, sparks, or any harmful gas. Such fireplaces are more environmentally friendly, and they allow you to enjoy a longer heat supply with your friends throughout the year. You do not need a flue or chimney to have these fireplaces, and they will not reduce the indoor air quality. That makes them safer for people who have respiratory conditions or allergies like asthma.

Installing biofuel fireplaces Newmarket in your home is also easier. Those planning to build a new house or renovate the current one can easily find a suitable place to put up the fireplace. Some fireplace models are ideal for outdoor use, but it is better to consult a professional before investing in one. They require little maintenance and can also be placed on walls or tabletops, making them more suitable for people with limited floor space.

Buying one of these units can help reduce your monthly utility bills significantly. They do not increase the use of electricity or gas.

Valor L3 Series Gas Fireplace

From Vision To Design, To Reality

Turn Key Design Build Fireplace Projects


Fireplace Installation in Newmarket

Although all the fireplaces in our store have stood the test of time and proven to be some of the most superior in the heating industry, poor installation can hinder their optimal performance. Getting a high level of expertise, especially when dealing with gas or electric fireplaces, is crucial. That is why you should not attempt the installation as a DIY or have a non-professional try it. It is also our reason for being here. Our certified, licensed, and knowledgeable professionals provide the best fireplace installations in Newmarket. We take a cautious approach to ensure the job is done to perfection quickly without compromising the safety or performance of the units.

Your satisfaction is a crucial factor to us, as shown by the reviews from our clients. We plan every installation carefully to eliminate the possibility of errors occurring. We evaluate the potential installation areas and choose the one that is likely to prolong the longevity of the fireplace and increase its chances of performing efficiently.

Fireplaces Repair and Maintenance in Newmarket

When you own a fireplace, you are bound to deal with repairs and maintenance. That is why the manufacturers recommend that you get such services periodically. Following such recommendations and knowing when to call a professional can help you enjoy a stress-free experience with your fireplace. In addition, it ensures the appliance continues to function optimally.

Our dedication to servicing fireplaces Newmarket is unmatched. Our goal is to minimize possible gas waste and inefficiency. That is why we are thorough and systematic with our repairs and maintenance procedures. First, we inspect and clean all the fireplace components, then conduct necessary repairs on problematic areas. We then test it to ensure it is functioning as it should. We also follow up with you afterwards to confirm that everything is in order.

With our tools and experience, maintaining or repairing your furnace should not be a problem. We will help you get back to enjoying the warmth provided by your unit within the shortest time possible. Contact us now.

Perfect Gas Fireplace For Your Taste and Place

The perfect fireplace should add aesthetic appeal to your house but also deliver according to performance expectations. The unit should also enhance your lifestyle and adapt to the interior decor you have. That is why you should only deal with a fireplace store that has options for you to consider and compare.

Our team is readily available to help you however you need our expertise. From selections to installations, we will make sure you get the best. We use your needs as a guideline when recommending the perfect gas fireplace for your home. Check out our line of fire products, and feel free to consult us if you need assistance.

Fireplace Brands

Valor Fireplaces

If you need a fireplace that will not disappoint you with performance, Valor products are the answer. The products are manufactured by Miles Industries – a company that has been operating in Canada since 1977. As the sole manufacturer of Valor products, Miles Industries has continued to improve the quality of the fireplaces they release. They continue to maintain their reputation by making some of the most innovative heating products. The versatility in the designs of those products and the minimal maintenance they require also makes them superior in the industry. You can sample some of them at The Fireplace Store today.

Innovative and Valuable Fireplaces

Valor Fireplaces provide one of the best ways of improving home comfort without increasing energy consumption. The fireplaces are easy to use, starting with the installation to heat control. The units come with digital remotes that allow better adjustment of heat. As a result, they can maintain the required temperature without consuming too much fuel. Valor fireplaces also have advanced technology and stylish finishes that make them easily noticeable. The products are also some of the most reliable in the industry. They are durable and can last longer with minimal maintenance services.

The brand has found the perfect balance between technology and design. That combination results in a wide range of products that are great for various residential needs. Our store has numerous options that you can select according to your budget and heating goals.

Heat N Glo Fireplaces

Heat N Glo has proven that they are a leading fireplace manufacturer in the heating industry since venturing into the business in 1975. They have continued to use technology to improve their fireplaces and meet the emerging trends. They have diversified their products to meet all kinds of heating needs. Their product lines include inserts, gas fireplaces, accessories, and stoves. The company has continued to succeed and dominate the industry because of its innovative approach and ability to exceed expectations in customer service delivery.

Heat N Glo Fireplaces to Warm Up Your Time Outdoors

The creative team at Heat N Glo has maintained consistency in making the best wood and gas fireplaces and other related products over the period they have been in the industry. They use refined designs to make each product line suitable for different types of homes, with the main focus being on the level of comfort and aesthetics the products can add. They have also changed consistently over the years, adapting to the changes in heating needs and making products that can add value to the living standards. The company’s evolution has only increased the quality of its fireplaces and accessories, making them more reputable in the region.

The fireplaces from this brand also have intricate details that make them easily recognizable. In addition, the materials they use to make the units durable and sophisticated. Whatever your vision for your house is, any Heat N Glo product can help you achieve it, and we can help you choose the best one.

Kingsman Fireplaces

The kind of craftsmanship showcased in Kingsman products is rarely visible in any other brand. The company has maintained a design approach that builds its reputation and gets good reviews from clients. The engineering approach and quality standards have continued to improve over the four decades they have been in the business. They continue to provide for domestic and commercial heating needs alike, with the wide range of products inspiring confidence in all the customers.

Kingsman Fireplace Products

Kingsman fire products undergo a thorough testing and refining process that makes them stand out and grab attention in any room they’re installed. They provide the perfect way of adding beauty, functionality, and comfort to a house or a business premise. They also work for any outdoor space. The creativity and inventiveness of the design team at Kingsman are evident in the improvements they make in every new product model they release.

Gas and Wood Kingsman Fireplaces

Every Kingsman fireplace product you buy can warm up any place by using either wood or gas. Of course, you can choose the fuel option you can access more conveniently. Either way, you will get unmatched quality and warmth, especially when selecting the correct one for your house or office. Call our specialist if you need help with the Kingsman products.

Montigo Fireplaces

Montigo fireplaces stand out because of their dramatic finishes and style variations. The models are usually inspired by architects and engineers, making them some of the most trusted pieces in the industry. The flexibility they offer in their commercial and residential grade units is one of the reasons they are a leading manufacturer of heating products across the world. They provide multiple firebox configurations and burner styles to enable customization by every business or domestic property.

The luxurious finishes are matched by the ability to produce heat that can reach a longer distance. As a result, you do not have to sit too close to a Montigo fireplace to feel the warmth. Most of the units are capable of dispersing the heat evenly across the room, allowing you to get the relaxing atmosphere you want.

The best part about buying Montigo fireplaces Newmarket is their need for minimal maintenance. You will not spend a lot of time cleaning or servicing them. Having multiple options to choose from, including those with different fuel types, also increases the value you get. Choose between wood and gas and get unmeasured beauty and practicality with any of these units.

Astria Fireplaces

One of the brand names you are likely to find when searching for a suitable fireplace is Astria. The company is one of the few that combine functionality and style in equal measure when making fire products. The design features available in their products are ideal for various needs and style preferences. The company has continued to dominate the industry among other industry leaders, even after being the first to incorporate full flame burners. Their products exist in various The Fireplace Store.

Innovative Fireplaces for Modern Homes

The consistency in design possibilities that Astria provides is one of their most attractive features. Whatever style addition your space needs, a fireplace from the brand will be suitable. You can compare their features to ensure the functionality of the one you choose can meet your heating needs. The transformational units can enhance and complement the uniqueness of any space, whether an office or condo.

The ease of use of these fireplaces adds to their modern appeal. They can be automated and controlled with a simple touch of a button. When you have these fireplaces, you do not conform to one way of styling your home. Instead, you get to select the most appropriate one for you from the numerous options you get.

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

If you want to give your guests a pleasant experience when you host them, consider buying a Dimplex fireplace. The electric fireplaces from this renowned company provide the same experience you would get in a wood fireplace, only without the cleaning involved afterward. You get excellent finishes, pure quality, and other customizable features and accessories that give you a one-of-a-kind experience. The products come in a wide range of colours, so choosing one for your chosen colour theme should be easy. Even if you prefer a unique finish, the glazed options are available.

Add Warmth and Comfort to Your Home with Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

It is common to have safety concerns when using fireplaces, but Dimplex takes away such worries. The technology they choose to use in their manufacturing process assures customers of their safety. That is why their electric fireplaces are perfect for any homeowner or business owner who does not want to deal with the mess created by wood. Apart from safety, the flame effect technology the company uses also adds to the luxurious feel of the fireplaces.

If you have a space that you are not using but would like to make more practical and comfortable, consider getting a Dimplex electric fireplace. They can add the personal touch you need to make a wasted space perfect for hosting friends or spending time with family.

Planika Fireplaces

Planika is a company that makes various types of new generation fireplace models and similar products for use inside and outside. They conquered the market from the first time they launched their products due to their revolutionary approach to using technology and new designs. Their domination of the international market has also been due to the innovative biofuel and gas fireplaces they keep producing. They promote clean combustion and beauty in every home and office. The fireplace models can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. The brand’s products are a perfect addition to any lounge, bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

Excellent Quality Planika Fireplaces

For those who want biofuel fireplaces, Planika is one of the best brands to choose. The BEV technology used in them ensures they use biofuel vapour instead of liquid. That prolongs the burning time and ensures they do not produce any smell, smoke, or harmful gases. The fireplaces can function without vents, with other advanced features in the sensors and internal components also enhancing safety. The gas fireplaces from Planika also come with advanced Glassfire technology that improves safety, performance, and quality. You get different features for controlling the consumption of gas and temperature. You can place Planika fireplaces in any position ranging from embedding them in masonry fixtures to placing them in the middle of the room.

Lyric by Ortal Fireplace

Lyric fireplaces stand out because of the design approach that allows installation anywhere. The designs permit the placement of sensitive materials closer to them without any damage. The clean intricate lines usually associated with Ortal fireplaces are also available in the Lyric line. The detailed work adds to the beauty of the flames when the fireplace is turned on. The alluring beauty also improves with the high-class quality in the rest of the construction and the performance. The technology enhances safety and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy using your fireplace without worrying about endangering your loved ones or other valuables. The robustness and unique styles will improve the aesthetic appeal of any home.

Revolutionary Lyric Fireplaces

Despite having revolutionary designs, fireplaces in the Lyric line are still the easiest to customize. The company provides several personalization options that make it easier for each person to achieve the performance and the aesthetics they visualized. Various models are available in the line, including peninsula, standalone, and see-through fireplaces. Several media options that are suitable for each unit are also available. The flawless finishes, highest quality, and detail-oriented craftsmanship prove that the company put more effort into making the Lyric stand out from any other in the industry. They provide more convenience and luxury that does not exist anywhere else. Whether you have kids or pets, these fireplaces will be perfect for you.

City Series Modern Gas Fireplaces

Get Details
Valor Portrait Gas Fireplace Clearview

Valor Portrait Gas Fireplace Clearview

Get Details
Valor Windsor Arch gas fireplace

Valor Portrait Gas Fireplace Windsor Arch

Get Details
Heat & Glo Phoenix TrueView

Heat & Glo Phoenix TrueView

Get Details
Heat And Glo Escape See-Through Gas Fireplace

Heat & Glo Escape See-Through Gas Fireplace

Get Details
Kingsman HBZDV4736 Fireplace

Kingsman Direct Vent Gas Fireplace HBZDV4736

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Valor L1 2-Sided Gas Fireplace

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Heat and Glo Foundation Series Fireplace

Heat and Glo – Foundation Series – Pier Gas Fireplaces

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Valor G4 Gas Fireplace Insert

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Valor L3 Series Gas Fireplace

Valor L3 Series Linear Gas Fireplace

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Valor Horizon Series Gas Fireplace

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Valor H6 Fireplace

Valor H6 Gas Fireplace

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Gas Fireplace Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is not advisable to leave the fireplace on throughout the night. However, you can leave the flue on to allow the dispersion of carbon monoxide. Leaving the unit burning at night increases the risk of exposure to CO, even though most units do not emit toxic amounts. Experts, including installers, recommend having a carbon monoxide detector as a safety measure.

Both vented and unvented fireplaces are safe for pets. They do not release any smoke, fumes, or any other harmful particles into the house. Manufacturers have mastered the art of making the venting process safer and increasing the efficiency of the gas systems. Most units burn completely and are considered clean. The fireplaces also have glass doors keeping the log sets and fire safely away. They prevent the pets from reaching the flames even if the warmth and fire make them curious.

A gas fireplace requires thorough cleaning and inspection at least once every year. Before you begin any cleaning, you need to turn the gas off. Start by cleaning the individual parts and then gently brush the logs of the fireplace until clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the logs and the inside of the fireplace itself. There’s a special fireplace glass cleaner that you can get from the stores to clean the fireplace glass. Don’t use the standard glass cleaners as they can react with the carbon deposits that build up inside the gas fireplace. Wipe down the inside edges of the gas fireplace with a damp cloth.

Many fireplace models do not have specific requirements for placements. Installation can be anywhere so long as the fireplaces can serve the intended purposes. Gas fireplaces are the least demanding in terms of placement. Wood fireplaces may have to meet architectural specifications that limit their placement options.

Common areas for installation include walls, outdoors, or indoors. Some advanced units can be used from both sides once inserted into a wall, making them good dividers for the rooms. They provide the warmth needed and views of the flames from either side.

Some local building codes may also include specifications about where you should keep the fireplaces. For instance, having a gas fireplace in the bedroom may be prohibited. As such, it is best to check with the local offices to avoid inconveniences or expensive re-installation.

We are here to help you out with the installation in every way. Reach us if you have any questions.

If the fireplace is vent-free, try not to run it for more than three hours. If you are dealing with a vented fireplace, especially one that leads outside, you can leave it on for as long as you want. Ensure the glass pane remains shut throughout. You may also check if there are recommendations from the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the duration the unit can stay on will determine your safety and carbon monoxide released into your home.

The glass starts getting hot immediately you turn on the fireplace. As the temperature levels in the unit increase, the glass temperature also rises. It retains that heat for some time after you turn off the unit. It cools off slowly and is not safe for children or pets. It is better to keep them at a safe distance to prevent accidents or getting burnt when they get too close to the surface. Installing a safety screen is a better safety measure.

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