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Fireplace Blowers

One popular accessory that most modern fireplaces can’t do without today is a blower. When the fireplace is turned on, it releases a good amount of heat over time.

However, you may notice that the heat rises and doesn’t distribute in the room as well as it should. That’s why the fireplace blower is vital. It is designed to increase the amount of heat that is being produced by the fire as well as move it away in order to distribute warmth evenly throughout the room.

How Fireplace Blowers Work

Fireplace blowers are designed with a heat-resistant tubing where the air is heated before being released. The fire blower system works in such a way that cold air is sucked out of the room and then pumped into the pipes for heating. 

Once the air is inside the pipes, it takes little time to be heated. The heated air is then pushed out of the pipes like a heater does but this time, using very little energy. The air is then evenly distributed into the room.

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Temperature Activated Fireplace Blowers

This means that with a fireplace blower, the heat doesn’t just come from the fire itself, it also comes from the tubes. Since there’s some air intake, the force propels the air further into the room in order to enhance heat distribution. 

However, there’s the risk of the space getting too warm with multiple heat sources. That’s where the temperature-activated fireplace blowers come in. They have an attached thermometer so that once the temperature gets to a certain level, the blower automatically shuts down.

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