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Fireplace Remote Controls

Each Type of Fireplace Has the Ideal Remote Control

Fireplace Remote Controls Zoroast The Fireplace Store

Fireplace Remote Controls

Perhaps your fireplace will be more enjoyable and convenient to use if you use remote control.

The remote control adds extra convenience especially if the fireplace is located in a focal point in the room and you want to ensure that operating it is effortless.

You can get a simple remote control that can get the job done or invest in a programmable unit for even greater enjoyment.

Versatile Options to Choose From

We offer a wide range of fireplace remote controls to choose from. Our remote controls are specially selected from renowned brands.

We’ve handpicked the best options for you to make your fireplace more enjoyable.

If all you need is to enjoy flames at the touch of a button, we’ve got you covered.

Fireplace Remote Controls Zoroast The Fireplace Store

Take Convenience to the Next Level

The best part about these fireplace remote controls is that they are very easy to set up. They don’t involve a complex or costly setup process. Although it can be confusing as to what remote control would work best with your fireplace, we can simplify the buying process for you.

First, you’ll need to find out what type of gas valve you have, if you want to find a remote control for a gas fireplace. This information is often found on your owner manual. The common options include the millivolt gas valve, latching solenoid, and Maxitrol.

You also need to determine if your fireplace is a direct vent, B-vent or uses gas log sets.

Each type of fireplace has the ideal remote control!

Fireplace Remote Controls Zoroast The Fireplace Store

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