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Fireplace High Temp Paint
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Fireplace High Temp Paint

Want to give your fireplace a like-new appearance? Installing a fresh coat of paint to cover scratches, patches or knicks on the surfaces will do the trick. 

We offer quality fireplace high temp paint to restore the appearance of your unit and give the room a fresh new ambiance. 

We have incredible heat resistant paint that comes in spray or brush, which makes application quicker and reduces drying time.

High-Quality Paint Made to Last

Our fireplace high temp paints are formulated to protect and improve the surface of your heating application giving it a vibrant look in an instant. 

You can use this paint on stovepipes, fireplace doors and other areas which are constantly exposed to heat. Count on these paints to withstand fading even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

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How to Paint Your Fireplace Door or Heat Stove

If you notice a scuff or scratch on the fireplace door that needs to be covered, use our heat resistant fireplace paint to get the job done quickly. This paint will give you professional results with ease. We highly recommend following the owner manual to determine the best steps to take when touching up the fireplace.

You may want to start by testing out the paint on a small area first. If you notice the paint bubbles or lifts, it’s recommended that you remove the finish completely before applying. Prepare the area by scuffing using fine-grit sandpaper and wipe it clean with a cloth. Shake the can and apply two to three light coats to get the best finish.

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