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Outdoor Fireplaces Toronto

Outdoors can be cozy with

a gas outdoor fireplace

Entertain in Style With Our Outdoor Fireplaces

We have modern units that are self-contained and can be moved wherever it’s suitable. You can choose a gas fireplace with a satin or stainless steel finish to give the space a traditional vibe.

Outdoor gas fireplaces are more stylish than you can imagine. They don’t just take the chill off your backyard but can instantly add a touch of style and class.

How to Find the Perfect Outdoor Gas Fireplace

When choosing a suitable unit, consider not only the style but also think about your needs. Are you installing an outdoor fireplace for warmth, will you use it for cooking or do you value aesthetics more?

If you understand your needs prior to buying the fireplace, you’ll make the right decision and get years of service from your outdoor fireplace. Should you need expert advice in choosing the ideal fireplace, feel free to reach out to us.

We’re happy to discuss with you your needs and help you find the perfect unit for your space.

Installation process of an outdoor fireplace

Once you find a gas outdoor fireplace you love, the installation process will be seamlessly done to ensure you get the best results. You’ll have a qualified contractor to install the fireplace if it needs to be built into an existing structure.

The propane-fuelled outdoor fireplaces are perfect for small backyards and patios. The best part about gas fireplace is you no longer have to worry about the smoke attacking your guests.

Our Products

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

A fireplace can transform the look of a boring outdoor space and give it the right ambiance. Imagine camping outside with your family and seeing the flames dance as you enjoy the natural atmosphere of a nice fire. Outdoor fireplaces are certainly a good investment.

You can choose a style and design that blends perfectly with the rest of your outdoor space. The fireplace can have a chimney that draws in fresh air for a cleaner burn. Whatever features you envision for an outdoor fireplace, we’ll ensure our team designs a bespoke product that meets your needs.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

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We Offer Convenient and Efficient Fireplaces

Our outdoor fireplaces are not only efficient but also very convenient for your home. If you need something perfect to keep your guests warm and cozy all night, we’re happy to deliver beyond your expectations.

Whatever unique features you need to make the fireplace hangout zone feel like heaven, we promise to make it stand out.

Get the Perfect Backyard Retreat

Add charm and style with our outdoor gas fireplaces. The fireplace can be a fully functional centre where you enjoy a variety of outdoor living activities. From entertaining guests to cooking or gathering with family in a cool evening, you’ll find so many reasons to stick around your backyard once you install a gas fireplace.

The best part about our gas fireplaces is that they’re made not only to complement your space but also with use in mind. The gas fireplace can fit in virtually any outdoor setting you have in mind.

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