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The Urbana brand is widely known for the luxurious approach that they have maintained throughout the years they have been in business. Their contribution to the home heating sector is hard to overlook as they continue to surpass expectations with every fireplace Toronto they release into the market. Their ability to use technology to make subsequent products better than the previous is also showcased in every fireplace model they manufacture.

At The Fireplace Store, we take pride in bringing these exquisite and superior fireplaces closer to you to make your home the true heaven it deserves to be. We have multiple types of fireplaces from this outstanding company for you to select from and add tremendous value to your home.

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Types of Fireplaces

U30 Fireplaces

The U30 fireplaces are available in tall and standard dimensions, with the three-glass sides offering an undisputed modern take. The design is very flexible and stylish, making it a perfect addition to every home with modern home décor. The double glass enclosure is very safe and does not need additional reinforcements in the form of a screen. The glass-to-glass construction also gives it a seamless flow that looks more elegant regardless of where it is placed. In addition, it does not have gaps, so you do not have to worry about any interference with the flames.

The fireplaces also have varying media options that make them more attractive. They instantly capture your attention the moment you walk into the room. The optional base systems can make installation much easier, and the firebox, floating installation kit, log sets, and intake and output venting options make customization easier.

U30 fireplaces are true masterpieces that you cannot go wrong with regardless of the kind of space you have. Consider all the accessories to make your fireplace unique without diminishing its functionality.

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U50 Fireplaces

If you have a wide or open space that you have been wondering what to do with, the U50 can be your answer. The expansive viewing area and the high output capacity make this heating device one of a kind. The glass running from edge to edge does not need reinforcements or pillars on the corners, which increases the aesthetic appeal. The models also come with adjustable ember lights and remote-control options, which increase the convenience with which you will have to maintain the temperature levels you prefer.

The floating design helps with installation – you can easily find a wall to place the fireplace without changing the décor. The lack of pillars also aids with the views, giving you the 180-degree angle of the fire that can be accentuated with the media and other optional accessories available. The 38000 BTU is enough to heat any medium or large room, with more than 65% efficiency.

U50 fireplaces are as luxurious as the others from Urbana. Compare all the standard features from the models before picking one.

U50 Fireplaces

U70 Fireplaces

The U70 fireplace is the largest of the Urbana U-series, and it is as impressive as the rest. You get most of the other features in the other models, but they have been made bigger and better. With a viewing area exceeding 1900 inches, you will have the perfect view of the flames from all angles. The output capacity, which surpasses 52000 BTU, is also enough to keep you and your loved ones warm in the coldest season. U70 is a type of fireplace that makes a bold statement in all settings, especially modern and contemporary styles. You do not need a safety screen or corner pillars either. The units are also highly customizable, with options like driftwood, shale, and glass media available.

The sleek floating fireplace models are head-turning devices that can transform your whole house and reduce your heating expenses considerably. They create a calming ambience and have been made with durability and ease of use in mind. With a simple push of a button, you can get a perfect atmosphere and maintain it at that level for as long as you want.

U70 Fireplaces

Urban Fireplaces in Toronto to Make Your Home Warm and Comfortable

Urban has proven that they are a force to reckon with in the heating industry. Their use of technology and ability to consider various customer needs make them one of the top-ranking fireplace companies in the market, and their U series does not disappoint. The realistic fires, the carefully crafted designs, high output and efficiency, are all contributing factors to the excellence of these fireplaces. They not only provide comfort; they also increase convenience for homeowners. They do not interfere with the indoor air quality either. The company has also shown that they use a customer-oriented approach by making products that do not need maintenance or extensive installation processes.

The wide range of options available in terms of the fireplace models and their features can be overwhelming. However, we can easily help you make a selection to ensure you get a fireplace that will serve your growing needs with time.

Urban Fireplaces in Toronto to Make Your Home Warm and Comfortable

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Morris Lakeman
21:14 01 May 19
I am really happy with the pricing of my fireplace, most importantly after our discussion they were able to recommend the perfect fireplace for my needs. The unit was installed by Abbas installer that provided me with quality and professional service.
Phillip Pavlov
04:19 25 Apr 19
The unit was installed very well. The installation was customized to our needs, which was great. Overall excellent service. Would highly recommend them.
Татьяна Павлова
04:25 25 Apr 19
Top service! From buying to getting our fireplace installed. Well done!
Ehsan Kimiagar
01:17 01 Apr 19
You haven't seen a fireplace store like this. Check it out!
Rick Miller
23:34 03 Jun 19
Adam Fisher
02:31 24 Sep 19
Highly knowledgeable and took the time to educate us on which product options would optimize the space. Would recommend The Fireplace Store to anyone looking for superior service and high quality products.
Ray Skochelas
19:17 01 Oct 19
I contacted The Fireplace Store, regarding a problem that I was having with my gas fireplace. Even though I did not purchase my fireplace from them, they were very helpful, and answered all my questions. They also confirmed that I was getting a fair price from the company that installed my unit, and that would be doing the repair. They also suggested, that I ask my installer why the problem occurred in the first place, in an effort to prevent the same problem from happening again. Totally honest, helpful and straight-up people. Thank you again.
16:14 03 Oct 19
Awesome experience from selection to installation. Very friendly, professional and humble people. Thank you.
Samuel Chandler
07:57 12 Oct 19
I had them install a new Kingsman VRB46N fireplace in a bedroom couple months ago. They were knowledgeable, responsive and the installer was amazing. It is a beautiful fireplace.  A few weeks later an old set of gas logs in a different part of the house from 25 years ago finally stopped working and they are replacing with new ones.  They did a thorough job of measuring and found a solution that met my budget. I highly suggest buying from this establishment.
Jeffrey Kotter
23:50 18 Oct 19
Came to clean my fireplace and replaced gas valve that previous owners left in house. Solved problems and got the job done in a very reasonable time frame(faster than quoted).
susan ginou
13:14 01 Nov 19
Very happy with the pricing, the valor gas fireplace and the quick and clean installation. Thanks to Kevin for his expertise and promptness. Also to Haytham for a top notch installation. I recommend these guys as your first call.
mohammadali moezzi
01:28 02 Nov 19
I had an issue with my fireplace, they were really helpful . Strongly suggest this site to whom that need help with the fireplace. Specially thanks Dan for his help.
Rosenda Rivas
04:42 07 Nov 19
These guys were fantastic to deal with. Originally I wanted a wood burning fireplace but my chimney did not allow it by today’s codes. So they suggested put in a stunning Valor Portrait natural gas fireplace! They were very fair in pricing and very quick to complete the job! The fireplace adds so much warmth to the room, my wife and I absolutely love it! The cats are big fans too!
Felix Holloway
23:43 23 Nov 19
We have just had a gas fireplace installed with mantle etc.  An extremely professional company with care for the customer's needs and wants being top priority.  Excellent prices, timely and clean work.  We would recommend them to anyone who asks.
Jay Carpenter
11:40 24 Nov 19
The Fireplace Store was an excellent business to deal with in all aspects of our gas fireplace renewal project. Our existing fireplace/chimney chase needed a lot of remedial work to correct it's shoddy construction by the original builder of our home. Dan spent the better part of a day repairing damage and correcting things before he was able to install our new fireplace. The resulting upcharge was reasonable. The brick layers/masons who installed the stone around the new fireplace were excellent as well. All staff were most careful and respectful of out home and property. I would not hesitate to recommend The Fireplace Store for your fireplace renovation project.
Milton Taylor
03:31 21 Dec 19
We purchased our electric fireplace because it was the one thing that was missing in our home and I finally decided to give this a try to have for Christmas and we love it! It looks so real! Gives the ambiance of a real one would.
Drew Carroll
01:58 12 Jan 20
Absolutely incredible personable experience. Kevin was amazing to work with and help guide us in a perfect direction. Highly recommend this company Thanks a million Deaner!
Margot Gibb-Clark
16:04 05 Feb 20
The Fireplace store was lovely to deal with. When I first visited, Dan knew I had a limited budget. He showed me an inexpensive unit and didn't try to up-sell me, which I appreciated.Eventually I was able to spend more and got a Valor unit which I find very attractive. The guys seemed very careful installing and then checking it was running properly and came back when I had a glitch. Thank you Zoroast.
Lynn Philpot
09:28 06 Feb 20
I just purchased a Kingsman see through from Zoroast. First of all, the showroom is outstanding - from the decor, to the product quality and quantity - they have everything. The staff were also very helpful and knowledgeable  about the product and gave handy tips to deal with maintenance. After purchasing the product, they arranged to have it delivered and assembled. After assembly, they completed a thorough check of the gas line, product and its overall setup. I am so happy with my experience. This is definitely one specialty store I would recommend to anyone!
Benjamin Diaz
15:51 25 Feb 20
I am a professional interior designer and finding this show room was a blessing for me. They have all types of fireplaces you can imagine, from wood to gas and electric, also there is an option to order a custom-build fireplace if you want something unique. The staff is very helpful and friendly which is a huge bonus. I love bringing my clients here!
Austin Smith
00:26 26 Feb 20
Very satisfied!! Took their time with us answering all our questions, not high pressure sales. Best prices and great support and service.
samantha roberts
19:50 26 May 20
Really great customer service from this store.Kevin had a wealth of knowledge to offer.Happy with the installed and finished product.Thanks,Sam Roberts
Keivan Eshghi
17:54 18 Aug 20
You are dealing with a professional team. Daniel their operation officer is an amazing person. He is very knowledgeable and explains all the details and options and answers all your questions. My wife and I are extremely happy with our purchase and highly recommend their store. Our experience with them was great. If you are in the market for a fireplace, this is the place to go and do not look any further.
Shawn Morrison
18:51 22 Aug 20
Great place for gas stoves.
Barbara S.
03:44 08 Aug 20
I am a professional interior designer and finding this show room was a blessing for me. They have all types of fireplaces you can imagine, from wood to gas and electric, also there is an option to order a custom-build fireplace if you want something unique. The staff is very helpful and friendly which is a huge bonus. I love bringing my clients here!
Tabitha Forbes
00:32 04 Aug 20
My husband and I recently purchased a gas fireplace here and we are so happy with it! We also got it with a 10% off offer.
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