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Why We Love Gas Fireplaces

Imagine a fireplace that lights up with just a push of a button. Most modern gas fireplaces come with a remote control to enable ease of operation whereas others have a thermostat on the wall that you can use for temperature control.

More importantly, gas fires are simple and clean. You don’t have the additional cost of wood or the labour that comes with preparing it for the fireplace. You can enjoy a fireplace in your home without too much effort. Gas fireplaces are also more eco-friendly as they do not release harmful by-products during the combustion process.

Additionally, a high-quality gas fireplace is very efficient and can contribute to huge energy savings in your home.

Lyric Gas Fireplace - Zoroast
Planika Gas Fireplace - Zoroast

Invest in Modern Gas Fireplace Designs

If you want to maintain a contemporary look and feel in your home, you’ll be overwhelmed by the many choices of modern fireplaces at your disposal. Your gas fireplace can have logs that mimic real wood to give it a traditional edge. The options are endless so you can get a custom design that suits you and your home décor.

The fireplace will be designed with a thermostat that allows you to increase the temperature of the room to a comfortable level. Gas fires are safer so you don’t have to worry about a fire breaking out when you go to sleep or leave the house. So long as the fireplace has been properly installed and is well maintained, your personal safety is guaranteed.

Heat And Glo Gas Fireplace - Zoroast

Gas Fireplaces

Want to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fireplace but not sure what to get? Consider choosing one from a wide range of our Toronto’s fireplace store.

These types of fireplaces are gaining in popularity in modern homes due to their ease of use and cleanliness.

They are ideal for anyone who wants the warmth of a fireplace without the headache of dealing with wood and clearing ashes.

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Let’s Help You Find the Perfect Gas Fireplace

We can help you find an ideal gas fireplace for your beautiful home. If you want something that’s customized to your style, we’re happy to work with you to create the fireplace of your dreams.

No need to worry about heating your home when there’s a power outage. Our traditional and modern gas fireplaces will add warmth and beauty to any room in your home.

We offer a range of quality brands to choose from. We even customize the fireplace to blend with unique elements in your home. From beautiful logs to realistic flames, our fireplace design will impress your family and guests.

Astria Gas Fireplace - Zoroast
Montigo Gas Fireplace - Zoroast

Get a Clean and Modern Fireplace

We know just how important it is for you to get a fireplace that matches your modern living space.

If you prefer striking crystals and realistic flames instead of the traditional logs, we’re here to help. We’ll design a special fireplace that complements the modern and updated look of your home.

We work with the best brands to deliver customized options to our clients. Whatever your design needs are, we’re happy to deliver beyond your expectations.

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