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Gas Fireplaces Inserts
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High-Quality Inserts Backed by the Best Warranty

All our gas fireplace inserts come with the best warranty to guarantee our clients safety, quality, and extended service life. 

Whenever there’s a power outage or during the winter storm, the gas inserts will still keep you warm.

Kingsman Gas Fireplace Inserts
Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts

Keep Your Family Safe

All our gas inserts are designed to operate safely during a power outage. The fireplace will produce powerful radiant heat and keep the home warm for hours after the power outage.

You can get a gas fireplace that comes with a battery backup or ignition pack that allows you to light it up whenever there’s a loss of power.

Some of our gas fireplaces are designed with a sealed direct vent. This allows you to operate the fireplace safely without the need to use electricity to keep the emissions out.

Montigo Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Need inserts that are designed to fit perfectly into your existing fireplace? Fireplace inserts are ideal when you need to get rid of cold chimney drafts that cause your energy bills to skyrocket month by month. They don’t just lower your home’s heating bill, gas fireplace inserts can add style and beauty to your home.

The inserts come in a range of sizes and styles. It’s easy to find something that blends perfectly with the rest of your home design. The best part is, you can have them customized to fit your modern or traditional gas fireplace.

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Traditional Gas Fireplaces

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Contemporary Gas Fireplaces

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City Series Modern Gas Fireplaces

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Gas Fireplace Inserts

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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Modern Gas Inserts

Our modern gas inserts are designed to boost your indoor air quality. If you have an old fireplace insert in your home, replacing it will update the look of the room and also add value to your home.

Our products are designed to provide beauty and function while helping you lower your monthly home heating bill.

Planika Gas Fireplace Inserts
Heat and Glo Gas Fireplace Inserts

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts

If you want to keep warm and maintain indoor air quality, direct vent gas fireplace inserts are an excellent choice. They prevent warm air from escaping and keep your home nice and warm.

Most homeowners prefer these inserts due to their safety and efficiency. Unlike the natural draft gas fireplaces, these inserts use the air outside of your home for proper ventilation.

How to Find the Perfect Size

You’ll need to do some measurements before buying a fireplace insert. The inserts come in many different sizes so it’s important to have accurate measurements if you want to ensure the perfect fit. You may want to take a photo of your fireplace and send it to our dealer who will guide you on getting the required measurements. In some cases, masonry work may be required.

When you choose to partner with our team, we promise to make it fun and easy for you to customize your gas fireplace insert. We have accessories that are designed with quality materials to give you the modern or traditional look you desire. You may also choose an insert conversion kit that adds style and functionality to existing fireplace in 

Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts

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