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Can You Build a Wood-Burning Fireplace in Toronto?

The timeless allure of a crackling wood-burning fireplace is unparalleled. The beautiful fire evokes a sense of nostalgia, creating an inviting and relaxing ambiance that gas and electric fireplaces struggle to achieve. The distinct smell of burning logs of wood, the flickering flame, and the soft-crackling sound of nonstop rolling flames bring some kind of magic to nearly any living space.

Furthermore, the natural beauty of wood-burning fireplaces, with their stone or masonry surrounds, adds a touch of character and elegance to homes. This makes modern wood fireplaces a focal point for family gatherings and conversions.

Beyond the cozy ambiance they create, wood fireplaces are equipped to offer other benefits, like keeping your cabin toasty warm. This is why they have become a common choice for Toronto homeowners. So, can you build a wood-burning fireplace in Toronto? If so, what are the requirements?

Wood-Burning Fireplaces in Toronto

Note that you can install wood fireplaces in Toronto. However, there are strict requirements you must meet. You probably know the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s an organization established to limit the amount of toxic emissions, even from wood fireplaces.

Canada has its own standard – the CSA B-415. It limits the particulate emissions from indoor wood-burning fireplaces to 4.5g/hr. This standard was established to mirror the U.S. one, with improvements to include warm-air wood fireplaces.

Province-Specific Requirements

In Canada, each province can freely choose to implement specific limits on wood-fueled fireplaces and other appliances. They can also choose not to regulate or implement either the CSA B415 limits, EPA limits, or both. So check the HPBA’s chart to determine the specific standards that limit wood fireplace emissions in your province.

Is Wood Burning Fireplace Legal in Toronto?

According to the Ontario Fire Code, everything that’s considered open-air burning is illegal. This includes outdoor fireplaces, fire bowls and pits, chimneys, bonfires, burn drums, sky lanterns, and incinerators – essentially all types of wood fire are prohibited.

Thus, wood stoves and fireplaces must meet the strict pollution standards set by the EPA and CSA B-415 because Toronto enforces both. Further, every house with a functional fireplace, regardless of the type, must register with the city authorities. Even clean-burning wood stove usage is restricted in case there is a smog warning already in effect.

Building a Wood Fireplace in Toronto

In Toronto, the installation of a wood-burning fireplace is indeed possible, but your contractor must understand and navigate the city’s regulations and requirements carefully. Before the start of the installation of the wood fireplace, the contractor will need to secure the necessary permit and adhere strictly to the local building codes to ensure compliance.

Wood Fireplace Materials and Construction

Wood-burning fireplaces are traditionally built using masonry materials such as brick or fieldstone, complemented by facings crafted from tiles. Alternatively, some fireplaces are constructed from steel and can be prefabricated, offering a modern and efficient heating solution.

Such materials ensure a durable fireplace. Work with your contractor to choose the right wood fireplace for your property and assess the necessary wood-burning fireplace inserts. This will ensure effortless operation and ample heat for your living room and other rooms within your home.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Regulations

While outdoor wood fireplaces are available in numerous retail outlets across the city, it’s important to note that using them for open-air burning is prohibited without specific permissions. The regulations surrounding open-air burning are stringent, requiring a permit for exceptions, as detailed under the Cultural Fire Authorization section and Open Air Burn Permit.

Environmental Concerns and Compliance

Over the past decade, Toronto has grappled with winter smog attributed significantly to emissions from residential wood burning. To mitigate this issue, the city has enacted measures to regulate the use of fireplaces and stoves strictly.

Currently, only wood fireplaces and stoves that meet the latest Canadian standards are permissible. Therefore, installing fireplaces with smart burn technology and higher fuel-saving efficiency reduces particle emissions even with long burn times and improves environmental sustainability. So, if you plan to install a wood-burning stove or wood fireplace in your home, ensure it meets the set standards.

Wood Burning Fireplace Compliance and Sustainability

As an environmentally conscious city, Toronto places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, especially in the sector of residential heating solutions. Adherence to the latest Canadian standards for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces is integral not only to comply with local regulations but also to contributing to reducing the city’s overall environmental footprint.

Therefore, while the installation of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces is feasible in Toronto, navigating the regulatory landscape is essential. Obtaining permits and adhering to stringent building codes and environmental standards are paramount to ensure a seamless and compliant installation process.

Choosing the Right Wood Fireplace

Much like all other wood fire appliances, it’s recommended to consider some factors and choose the right wood fireplace for your home. These considerations include:

Type of Wood-Burning Fireplaces

There is a wide selection of wood-fueled fireplaces – traditional fireplaces, clean burning options, and EPA-certified fireplaces. The traditional fireplaces are either factory-built or constructed using masonry. The clean-burning fireplaces are either masonry or factory-built, while EPA-certified fireplaces are made much like wood stoves.


While wood-fueled fireplaces can be installed in most homes in Toronto and the entire North American region, there are local construction codes that must be adhered to. It’s recommended to install the wood fireplace inside homes but away from an outside wall.

Fireplace Installation

To ensure reliable and safe installation of your unit, it’s recommended to seek a professional’s help. The installer will assess your home before the wood fireplace installation. They will also help you access the necessary permits and stay compliant with the local building codes.

The Size of the Fireplace

Seasoned wood-fueled fireplaces range from small options to extremely large fireplaces. Therefore, choose a wood fireplace based on your aesthetic interests/style, available size, and your home’s heat/warmth requirements. Similarly, fireplaces come in different styles – two-sided, three-sided, and four-sided fireplaces.

Other factors you must consider when choosing a wood-burning fireplace include its features, fuel requirements/efficiency, venting, maintenance requirements, and cost. Generally, by choosing the right fireplace unit and embracing sustainable practices and compliance, homeowners can enjoy the warmth of a wood-fueled fireplace while contributing positively to Toronto’s goals of conserving the environment.

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