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Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are the most convenient to own, especially if you live in an area where a gas supply is not a problem. At the Fireplace Store, we make the situation better by stocking renowned brands only. We want to get you optimal value for your money. We consider the design appeal and performance level before recommending any fireplace to you. We have carefully selected the units we believe you can show off proudly. You can install them in an open space without worrying about interference with your interior décor. Their elegant designs add visual appeal to any area in the house, and the performance level ensures you get a cozy atmosphere.

Our gas fireplaces are versatile and safe. Being able to continue working despite power failure makes them excellent additions to any home setting, especially during winter. You can get a constant heat supply without your energy bill spikes. Whether you want a remote-controlled unit or prefer to rely on a thermostat, you will get an ideal gas heater from us. The collection also includes stoves with modern finishes.



Electric Fireplaces

Easy installation, lack of fumes, safety, and low maintenance are a few advantages of buying an electric fireplace in our store. These factors make these fireplaces superior to the traditional wood-burning options. We make it better by working with undisputed brand leaders in the heating industry.

Electric fireplaces also look better and are very efficient at heating the room. The heat they produce ends up being used in their vicinity. Integrating these appliances with the present indoor style is also easier. They can blend in with any home style, whether contemporary, industrial, or Scandinavian.

Our electric fireplaces Markham can work throughout the year. You do not have to worry about an increase in power rates or potential dangers. They are safe and can sometimes serve as space heaters in addition to being fireplaces. If you like the effect of logs in wood fireplaces, you can get fake ones to use in the electric unit you choose.

Outdoor Fireplaces

If you are worried that your outdoor space is plain and boring, the best way to spruce it up is by using a suitable unit from the Fireplace Store. Our outdoor fireplaces can help you achieve any goal you set out for your backyard use. So whether you want to enjoy some intimate time with your loved ones as you roast marshmallows outside, or you need a place to keep warm with your friends as you enjoy a cold summer evening, these fireplaces will be perfect for you.

You can choose a gas fireplace that gives you the ambience you want within the shortest time. Wood fireplaces are also available if you prefer the classic crackling sounds. Either way, our units will help you create lasting memories and unmatched beauty. In addition, they do not pose any safety threat because correct measures are in place to prevent that from happening. Consider all the features available in our units to help you select the perfect one for your family.

Ethanol Biofuel Fireplaces

When using an ethanol biofuel fireplace, you are guaranteed to enjoy clean burning. Such heaters can produce heat for longer without eliminating many harmful byproducts. They only bring out fewer amounts of carbon dioxide and water. Your furniture and other fixtures around the fireplace will not be affected by soot, smoke, or ashes. The level of efficiency with biofuel is also unmatched. They can disperse heat evenly around them, but they should still be installed in strategic locations to ensure they deliver optimally.

Free-standing ethanol biofuel fireplaces do not require any technical expertise to install. Even wall-mounted ones are easier to handle. Every unit is also designed innovatively to serve as a centrepiece in every house. As a result, they are some of the safest and reliable units you can purchase.

Operating the fireplaces Markham is also painless compared to the other types. You only fill the liquid and light the unit to start enjoying the ambiance it creates. If you need help identifying the best biofuel fireplace for your needs, call us.

From Vision To Design, To Reality

Turn Key Design Build Fireplace Projects


Fireplace Installation in Markham

Choosing the perfect installation place for a fireplace is essential, just like following the correct processes. It should be an area where you and your loved ones gather regularly to ensure you get the most out of your investment in the fireplace. You can go with the living room, kitchen, or family room. Our installation technicians can assess your house to identify a strategic place for the installation.

Given our expertise and association with the best brands, getting quality products and services from us is a guarantee. Warranting your satisfaction and enhancing your safety are our goals. Our installers are licensed, certified, and experienced. The chances of making a mistake during the installation are minimal to none. We take pride in sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients. So do not take a chance with your new fireplace. Let our professionals put it in place to ensure it remains in perfect condition and serves you for longer.

Fireplaces Repair and Maintenance in Markham

Maintenance procedures can either be corrective or preventive. Either way, you must hire a professional to inspect and possibly repair the existing damages regularly. That is where experts from the Fireplace Store come in. We recommend that you have our team check the fireplace regularly to prevent problems from arising and causing expensive repairs. Cleaning them is also essential in maintaining their functionality and energy efficiency. The cleaning period differs with every brand, but most recommend annual servicing.

When you schedule maintenance routines with us, you can be sure your fireplace will work consistently without breaking down. We inspect any malfunction we find and repair it immediately. Our technicians are familiar with the most reputable brands of fireplaces Markham and will follow the correct procedures when handling them. In case of repairs, we take the initiative to follow up with the client. We aim to give lasting fireplace solutions by taking measures that prevent them from occurring and recurring. Call us to find out more.

Perfect Gas Fireplace For Your Taste and Place

A fireplace can create a focal point in a room, but that should not be its only purpose. It should also provide the performance capacity you require to improve the comfort of your household. Therefore, choosing the correct fireplace means considering the size, functionality, and efficiency.

The selection process can be challenging without professional help. That is why, at the Fireplace Store, we strive to share our knowledge with you and bring you the best fireplaces currently available closer to you. Whatever your preference, whether an insert or stove, you can find it in our collection.

Fireplace Brands

Valor Fireplaces

Valor has proven to be a revolutionary brand in the heating industry. They continue to produce the best radiant heat gas fireplaces through their collaboration with Miles Industries. Miles Industries is based in Canada and has been around for decades. They have showcased their skills in making fire products that meet the heating demands of the residents in the region and beyond. As the sole manufacturer of Valor products, the company has shown its dedication to surpassing user expectations by being trendsetters in the industry. They make every new model of Valor fireplace better than the previous one by maintaining high efficiency and safety. The Fireplace Store brings those products closer to you.

Leaders in Innovation and Quality

Valor has come a long way from the time they released the first direct vent sealed fireplace. They continue to infuse cutting-edge technology in their products to give users radiant heat without interfering with energy efficiency or ease of use. The company has also maintained the design approach that makes its fireplaces distinctive. Their finishes are easily recognizable and can transform the appearance of every house instantly.

The brand has shown that they continuously improve their designs and products to adapt to the changing needs and trends by refining their methods and engineering processes. Their consideration for the end-user is also evident in the installation they give. The fireplaces have various installation combinations that are suitable for different preferences. We have several Valor products that can give you the warmth and comfort you desire.

Heat N Glo Fireplaces

Heat N Glo has been dominating the heating industry with its creative approach to making fireplaces. They have diversified their products and maintained their stellar reputation throughout the years they have been in business. The value they offer is not only found in their products – but also in the kind of customer service they deliver. Their desire to continue giving Markham residents a better experience with their fireplaces also continues to be evident.

Enjoy the Outdoors With Heat N Glo Fireplaces

Heat N Glo fireplaces have direct-vent and vent-free systems that make them suitable for use in any house section. They also maintain good air quality have pleasant designs that can blend in with any style. The fireplaces have also evolved to adapt to the changing trends, but they are still very efficient. The brand also focuses on enhancing cost savings for the users by making lasting units that do not break down even without regular maintenance. With safety and flexibility also taking the forefront in these designs, Heat N Glo proves that the fireplaces are customer-oriented.

You don’t have to worry about ventilation when you choose any of these fireplaces. They can distribute heat evenly and will not fill the space with smoke. For looking for other outdoor heating alternatives like a firepit, several options are available from the Heat N Glo brand.

Kingsman Fireplaces

The Kingsman company was among the first fireplace brands to produce gas fireplaces before gas became a popular fuel source in most regions. They have been in the industry since 1976 and have maintained their position as a top brand throughout. The company continuously tries to make its products the best with regard to appearance, performance, and value. They also make a wide range of products perfect for various types of home styles. The fireplaces are easy to use and can be relied on to provide the kind of heat required.

Kingsman Fireplace Products

Kingsman fireplace products come in different variations that can create a focal point in any room. They can give you the kind of transformation you desire without much hassle. Their designs allow them to provide lasting comfort and satisfaction to the users. Their efficiency helps save costs, while high performance increases value. We know the kind of quality Kingsman fireplaces have and can help you find any product you prefer. They are safe, durable, and energy-saving.

Gas and Wood Kingsman Fireplaces

The wide range of products consists of wood and fire options to cater to different preferences. Whether you have contemporary décor or are looking for a more traditional fireplace option, the Kingsman products have what you need. In addition, they can add beauty to different settings indoors and outdoor on a commercial or residential building.

Montigo Fireplaces

If you desire to transform your house but do not have inspirational ideas to make it happen, Montigo fireplaces can enhance your imagination to help you get the style you want. The imaginative designs can help you create a unique interior design concept in your home without burdening you with too many maintenance needs. They are also perfect for houses built with any architectural design, hotels, casinos, and other commercial premises. With them, turning your dreams into a reality is very easy.

The attention level put into making Montigo fireplaces is evident in how they make every space inviting and warm. Adherence to the highest quality and certification standards is also noticeable in their functionality, superiority, and elegance. Both the commercial and residential fireplaces by Montigo have received the same level of care to ensure the user brings their vision to life.

The company’s obsession with making units that produce flawless flames is evident in the products. The certification process and testing they undergo should give you the peace of mind you deserve by assuring you that their quality is top-notch.

You can get more from Montigo fireplaces Markham by having professionals install them.

Astria Fireplaces

Astria has built industry-leading fireplaces over the years and became the first to use the full flame burner technology. The brand products are found in different properties across the region, including luxury condos and hotels. The popularity and preference can be attributed to the sophisticated designs and superior performance and quality. All the products have different levels of complexities to meet the evolving needs of the customers. You can easily find a fitting one at your nearest fireplace store, and if you need help, our services are available.

Outstanding Fireplaces for Modern Homes

The sophistication and diversity in Astria designs are some of the factors that make them outstanding. They provide numerous ways of adding flair to your living area. They also give a fascinating way of connecting various rooms within the house or outdoor spaces. For example, the fireplaces from Astria have premium features that are bound to give your home the luxurious feel you need. They have various options for electric, wood, and gas fuel. They are also ideal for several interior decor styles ranging from modern to industrial.

The outward beauty of the fireplaces embodies the high functionality it the fireplaces. They come at reasonable prices and are customizable to fit specific spaces. Whether you prefer manual or automated control, you can find the perfect Astria fire product.

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

Finding a fireplace that is suited for your needs can be challenging. However, Dimplex makes it a little easier. The customized products available from the brand have superior flame technology that makes them a favourite among many professionals. That is why many architects, engineers, and interior designers recommend them for different needs. The kind of flickering fire you get with the fireplaces is the most comforting, and their features are bound to give you a worry-free experience. Accessorizing the fireplaces and using them to accentuate your house is also easy.

Add Warmth and Comfort to Your Home with Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

You never have to worry about safety when using any Dimplex fire product. They have R&D technology that ensures they operate with the highest quality and safety standards. They burn clean, and the flames produce sound and feel like burning wood. That gives an experience and warmth unlike any other. They offer the perfect way to improve the atmosphere within your house without causing you too much stress in terms of maintenance needs. Dimplex fireplaces have never disappointed any of our clients. They provide a sure way of changing any plain room into a magnificent area that people enjoy gathering and creating new memories. They are easy to install, allowing you to start enjoying the ambiance as soon as possible.

Planika Fireplaces

All the style features you can think of in a fireplace are available in the Planika brand. The company uses imaginative solutions to produce fireplaces that are safer, more functional, and stylish. They have advanced their fireplace features by using their experience during the period they have been in business. The brand has infused various technologies to give people solutions to different needs. Whether you need ethanol or gas fireplaces, you can get them from Planika lines. Whatever you choose, you will get lasting units that burn longer, thanks to their larger fuel tanks. Enjoy the most natural flames from Planika fireplace models.

Exceptional Quality Planika Fireplaces

Planika offers numerous benefits with their fireplaces, the top one being quality. You get unmatched value for every cent you spend on the units and the fuel they use. Longer burning times and simplistic designs that add visual appeal to any room they are set in are some of the additional benefits they come with. Some of the models heat and illuminate, making them excellent furnishing properties. They also have outdoor pieces that can create visual impact in your backyard, patio, or any other place you choose. Integrating these units in any house or office is very simple. They allow you to use your creativity as you transform any setting to match your imaginative ideas. Planika caters to all needs, whether you want expansive units that make a statement or smaller ones for compact spaces.

Lyric by Ortal Fireplace

For over 30 years, Ortal has been pushing the limits of fireplace designs and technology. That approach is evident in their Lyric line. The fireplaces have a modern touch that adds more value to users. The level of construction that has gone into making the pieces is unmatched, just like the top-notch finishes that make the units outstanding. The Lyric line is easy to install and can always blend with other architectural fixtures within the house. The luxurious fireplaces provide the perfect way of adding an impressive aspect to any property during renovation or when building. Their seamless styles and sleek shapes will make your house or office better than ever before

Revolutionary Lyric Fireplaces

Do not look further than the Lyric by Ortal line if you want a fireplace that easily complements any architectural style. The Lyric line is shallower with slimmer edges to give more flexibility during installation and use. They do not require expansion of walls to install and are some of the safest fireplace models in the industry. The technology that the brand has used in the line enhances the technical aspects of the products, allowing you to use them with other elements close by without worrying about heat damage. The superior power vent increases the efficiency, whereas the numerous fireplace options enable you to meet your heating needs without a hassle. In addition, you are guaranteed to enjoy undistracted viewing from any of the Lyric units.

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City Series Modern Gas Fireplaces

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Valor Portrait Gas Fireplace Clearview

Valor Portrait Gas Fireplace Clearview

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Valor L1 2-Sided Gas Fireplace

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Heat and Glo Foundation Series Fireplace

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Valor G4 Gas Fireplace Insert

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Valor Horizon Series Gas Fireplace

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Valor H6 Fireplace

Valor H6 Gas Fireplace

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Gas Fireplace Frequently Asked Questions

Gas fireplaces have safety features that are effective at preventing all fire-related hazards. An example is a shut-off valve that stops the gas flow when the pilot flame is off. The valve becomes active automatically once it detects that the fire is out. The manufacturers and distributors also put the units through several tests to ascertain their quality and safety standards. Cleaning and maintaining the fireplaces remain an essential part of maintaining their safety. Annual servicing should be enough to enhance performance and convenience.

The answer to this question depends on the type of fireplace you choose. Some units have features that allow the production and distribution of radiant and convection heat. They create the best ambiance even without a blower. Remember that a blower only helps with the circulation of heat into the surrounding areas of the fireplace. It does not influence radiant heat and will only affect heat circulation in the immediate surrounding of the fireplace.

Different fireplace brands recommend different timelines for cleaning or maintenance. The frequency of use and type of installation also determine how long you take before cleaning. Even so, let a professional inspect and service the unit before every heating season to be safe. Always work with licensed and certified professionals only.

You can install a gas fireplace anywhere you want on your property, including outdoors. However, some units can only be installed inside walls to allow use from both sides. You can work with a professional to determine the most appropriate place for installation to ensure the unit gives you more value. For instance, an area commonly shared can be more suitable than one that is not as functional. Our technicians are available for any consultation and service provision.

Some fireplaces have direct vents that seal the combustion box and gas burner. They come with fixed glass fronts that seal those components from the house, meaning the fireplace only uses air from outside. A coaxial cable is usually attached to the fireplace to bring in the combustion air from outside. A smaller pipe is placed inside the bigger one to remove the combustible gases. The vent pipes can either be connected to the roof vertically or to the walls horizontally. Choose what works best for you or the type of fireplace you have.

The size of the base of the fireplace should be your guide to choosing the correct log size. The hearth kit and the overall gas log size also matter. Get the dimensions of the height, width, and depth of the unit. Remember the back and front widths also. Remember, putting the logs or gas log controls closer to the sides can destroy the gas log controls or damage the entire fireplace. If you are not sure about how to handle it, contact our experts.

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