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SEO Tools for a Retail Business

As a retail business, you rely mostly on in-store visits. More visits lead to more sales revenue. This is, however, not possible if you have a bad online presence. Local shoppers use search engines to find retailers that offer the products they need. Without local SEO, it will be virtually impossible for shoppers to find your store. Considering how competitive the retail industry is, you need a marketing strategy that is hyper-focused on the specific locations you serve. dNovo Group is a digital marketing agency that can help you create a strategy that helps you reach more customers and increase your revenue. Whether you plan on tackling local SEO on your own or with the help of a digital marketing agency, here are a few tools you cannot afford to ignore.

Google Keyword Planner

This is a fantastic keyword research tool. It provides the historical metrics to help analyze the monthly average search volume and competition of keywords. Bearing in mind how important it is to get competitive keywords, using this tool will help you find keywords that help you outrank most of your competition. To get started, you simply need to create an account on Google Ads.

Google Trends

To help you find more keywords and refine the ones you already have, you should consider using Google Trends. This tool provides a graphic visualization of how the variation of your selected keywords is trending.

Google Search

While this is not really a tool, you can turn the Google search box into a keyword research tool. After compiling a list of keywords, you can use the Google search box to see what Google likes. Thanks to the autocomplete feature, the Google search box can give ideas on how to spice up your keyword list.

Answer the Public

Are you stuck on what to write about? Answer the Public is a great tool to help you find topics or keywords to write about. The tool enables you to review the questions that are asked by the public. Your job will be to create content that answers these questions. Your answer can be in the form of a landing page or a blog article. Find questions that are related to your retail business.


This is a tool that combines the power of Google Search and Google Keyword Planner into one. This is basically a Keyword Analyzer that can help get an overview of keywords. The tool also offers links to search results for every keyword you enter. With this tool, you can get keyword ideas, overviews, lists as well as content ideas. For the best results, use long-tail keywords. It is also possible to spy on your competitors by plugging in their website and getting an overview of the keywords they use as well as their keyword gap. Other great tools you should consider include:
  • Quora
  • BrightLocal
  • Moz Local
  • Shopify partner apps for SEO
Now that you have the best keyword research tools, you need to learn how to create high-quality, relevant and trustworthy content. That is the key to winning more readers and converting them into paying customers.

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