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Montigo Brand

Montigo Brand

Are you looking for a way to transition your outdoor living space effortlessly from summer to fall? Well, the outdoor gas fireplace is key to year-round coziness. To most people, the idea of sitting by the fireside under the stars is a dream come true.

However, buying the right gas fireplace and installing it correctly can be daunting. We have prepared a checklist to make sure your outdoor gas fireplace is well maintained and set for a busy season of cozy evenings and backyard gatherings spent around the fire.
Below are the steps:


Before you start any maintenance task, ensure the gas valve and power to the unit are turned off. The fireplace should be completely cool.

Start with the Screen

Check if your fireplace’s screen has dents, scratches or other damages that can contribute to rust when exposed to the elements. A Heat & Glo dealer can help you get a replacement screen. Vacuum and dust the surfaces and screen, while being careful when handling the edges. When you’re cleaning the screen, use a terry cloth rag and spray stainless steel on it. You should never attempt to spray the cleaner directly on your screen. When cleaning the mesh near the edges, be extra careful, edges are very sharp and may snag or tear the cloth. We recommend you wear work gloves to avoid scratching your hands.

Inspect and Clean the Inside of the Firebox

Remove any debris, dirt, dust or leaves that have accumulated around the logs or in the firebox using a vacuum or soft paintbrush. Look for any signs of flaking, rust or soot and check for signs of corrosion in the pilot assembly. If you notice any patches of flaking or rust, sand the affected areas without using much force. If your pilot assembly looks damaged, call us today to get a certified dealer for support. You can reassemble your fireplace and turn the gas valve and power back on.

Check Burner Ignition

When inspecting the burner ignition, make sure the furniture and any other flammable materials are a safe distance from the fireplace. Then, inspect the burner ignition by turning on your fireplace. It should light smoothly and at once. If your burner lags or does not light, consult a certified dealer for support.

Your fireplace should now be ready for a long season of enjoyment. If you still feel overwhelmed by the tasks outlined in this guide, or concerned about the performance of your fireplace, call us today to get a comprehensive inspection from our certified fireplace technician.

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