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Modern Glass Electric Fireplace

Transform Your Living Space with Modern Glass Electric Fireplace​

Electric fireplaces have made it possible for anyone that wants to have a fireplace to get one. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment building, small townhome or your own house, you can get an electric fireplace installed without breaking the bank. This is mostly because with the electric fireplace you don’t need a mantle to be available in your home or a chimney. You can get the modern glass electric fireplace installed just anywhere.

​Too many options

The freedom offered by electric fireplaces is what makes them a popular choice today. In addition to having no need for a mantle, the modern electric fireplace insert can be placed just anywhere. There are cabinets that are outfitted with modern glass electric fireplace inserts and they look fantastic. You can either purchase these types of cabinets or simply order a custom fitting insert that fits in your existing cabinets. Fireplace inserts are available in all manner of sizes and colors and you can also get one tailored to your exact needs.

You don’t need to compromise

Probably the most amazing thing about electric fireplaces is that they give you all the freedom you need to achieve your goals. Most of the inserts come with clear glass that allows light to shine. You can also buy the inserts with glass faces to add more beauty to your living space. If you have a shelf dividing your living area, the best option to go with is the double-sided glass insert. This ensures that the fireplace can be seen from either side of the room. There is also the option of a curbed glass insert. This one will make light bounce to every corner of your room.

Works as well as other fireplaces

The fear most homeowners have when considering the installation of an electric fireplace is if it will work as reliably as the wood, gas or ethanol fireplace. You will be happy to know that this fireplace works the same way. It will give all the warmth, light and atmospheric effect you would get from a conventional fireplace. The only difference is that you will make fewer trips to the stores to refill your gas canister or buy more wood to burn.

Incorporate into your furniture

Did you know you can add the fireplace in your old TV stand or other pieces of furniture? This is all thanks to the fact that with the electric fireplaces, you get to order them in any shape and size. Imagine being able to watch your favorite TV show, movie or game with warm and colorful flames radiating heat below your television? This can be done. Many stores today also sell TV stands, cabinets and other media consoles that have been outfitted with electric fireplaces. This is something you will never get with a gas or wood-burning fireplace.

The freestanding electric stove fireplace is yet another option you can go with if you don’t want to dispose your old TV stand. This fireplace comes in countless styles and will match just any interior it is placed in. The electric stove fireplace is a good choice if you need more lighting and heating in your home. It is portable too.

All things considered, the modern glass electric fireplace offers so much flexibility when it comes to style and placement. If you are not sure which fireplace to buy, you can start by picking up a small electric space heater to test the electric fireplace out. You must also keep in mind the atmosphere you want to create before picking out an electric fireplace.

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