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Fireplace Accessories You Should Get in 2021

Your fireplace should be anything but plain and boring. You count on the unit to give you warmth and a good ambience whenever the weather turns breezy and cold.You can turn your fireplace into a show stopping focal point in any room by adding some chic accessories. In this article, we want to go over some exciting fireplace accessories that will provide everything you need, from warmth and comfort to style and safety. Some good examples of accessories you probably need include log holders and carriers that make it super easy to store your kindling, hearth rugs, fire starters, and so much more. Read on to discover some of the best buys in the world of fireplace tools and accessories.

Sophisticated basket

Looking for the perfect log storage solution? Log baskets provide an easy solution if you want to keep your kindling neatly on the fireside without ruining your interior décor. We recommend an appealing basket that can handle just enough logs close to hand, so you never have to think of storing them in a different room. It’s really impractical to keep walking in and out of the room every time you want to throw another log onto the fire.

You can go for an open log basket made of handmade materials if you’re trying to achieve a rustic look. You may also opt for a metal mesh tote that keeps all your wood and fire accessories in an organized manner. It comes with unique handles, which makes carrying a full basket easier. You can use these baskets to store your logs, ensure they’re thoroughly dry and ready to burn.

Appealing hearth rugs

Hearth rugs serve both a functional and decorative purpose next to your fireplace. These beautiful rugs are made of flame-resistant materials to help ensure safety & protect the surface close to your fireplace from the occasional sparks. Hearth rugs can also add more glam to your home, especially if you have a fireplace in the living area.

Consider your hearth rug as a tool that serves not just as your first line of defence but also provides some protection against the occasionally falling errant coals or embers. Find a hearth rug with a slip-resistant backing to prevent any unwanted slips and falls. The best rugs to avoid sliding on polished or slick surfaces are those that come with an underlay. A beautiful-looking hearth rug can bring the style in your room together in a stunning way.

When choosing a rug, don’t just go for one that matches your style and interior. Find a good one that’s made of a break-resistant material like wool. Wool hearth rugs last forever and come in so many beautiful colours and patterns that it’s easy to find something that blends with the rest of your home. Your hearth rug is likely to last longer if you secure the fireplace with things like iron railing, fireplace gates or screens.

Fireplace screens

To start with, let’s consider why you really need a fireplace screen if you don’t have one. The primary function of these fireplace tools is that they help prevent sparks from the fire from finding their way into the rest of the room. A screen can significantly reduce the risk of fire or burns. It can also protect people from the heat of the fire.

Fireplace screens also come in handy in gas fireplaces where there’s no danger of sparks. Other than serving a decorative function, screens in gas fireplaces help prevent children, pets, and other stray objects from coming into contact with the fire. Decorative screens can add a unique feature to the room and make the unit a focal point even when there is no fire burning.

Fire screens must be fireproof, which is why they are usually made of metal. However, most modern fire screens are made of glass and an iron or copper mesh which is almost invisible, to preserve the beautiful view of the fire. You may also opt for fire screens made of materials like brass if you’re looking for that modern and rustic vibe. Your choice of material will depend on how much you want the screen to stand out.

Ultimately, the fire screen you choose will be a matter of taste. There are some fairly simple options if you’re going for a more decorated hearth and want more focus on your unit. When it comes to the shape of the fire screen, this will depend on the size of your fireplace. Screens with just one panel and smaller legs are more suitable for smaller fireplaces.

Modern andirons

Andirons are designed to help lift fire from the ground and usher in more airflow for optimal burning. These simple tools can also help to reduce the level of smoke emitted in a wood-burning fireplace. Andirons can prevent wood from easily rolling out of the fireplace. Two things you should look for when choosing fireplace andirons are – safety and sturdiness. The best andirons can handle a substantial amount of heat and have strong beams made of either wrought iron or brass.  Go for unique andirons, which also serve a decorative function to transform the look of your fireplace. You can come across delicate designs online which are equally sturdy and capable of holding just the right amount of wood in your fireplace.

Stylish fireplace matches

Your fireplace matches should be long enough to make it easy for you to light up the fire without getting too close to the flames. Fireplace matches can get bonus points for having great packaging and a beautiful aesthetic. You can find a fireplace set with extra-long wooden matches, so you never have to hunt for a match again. Pick fireplace matches that are beautifully designed if you want them to look right at home on top of your stove. If you’re not ready to go full contemporary, consider accessories that have a more traditional design.

With things like fireplace matches, you can pick different colours or stick to a packaging design that fits your architecture. You can gain some inspiration on the accessories to choose from your existing décor. If you have furniture in certain colours or patterns, these elements can be beautifully mirrored in the packaging. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and materials so that your fireplace is a true reflection of your unique style.

Additional fireplace accessories

If your fireplace is a central feature in your living space, investing in the right accessories will create an attractive addition to the rest of your home’s décor. In most cases, a fireplace set will contain tongs, a poker, fireplace shovel, brush and bellows or blow poke. The tongs come in handy when you want to move burning logs or control the fire. Fireplace tongs provide you with a good grip to move those large pieces of wood whenever you need to. Fireplace pokers are also ideal if you want to ensure your fire burns optimally. You use them to poke in the fire and shift wood to allow more oxygen to reach the kindling and ensure the fire burns better. Whenever you have excess ash in your fireplace, you need a shovel to scoop that away. You may also need a fireplace brush to remove the ashes that blow out of the fireplace and place them back inside the unit. Ash provides insulation against the cold of the floor, so it’s always important to leave a layer in the fireplace.

You can also invest in a good log carrier to handle loads of firewood and kindling. A good carrier will be waterproof and have strong straps for easy transportation of logs inside your home. Keep in mind that trying to control the fire without the right tools is difficult and extremely dangerous.


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