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Dimplex IgniteXL Bold Linear Fireplaces
Your Toronto’s Dimplex Fireplace Authorized Dealer has all types of fireplaces for different
architectural designs. These are available in the biggest showroom in Toronto, and we offer them at competitive prices.

For a modern fireplace that will give you optimal quality and unmatched elegance, one of these linear fireplaces are perfect. They will transform your house into the best relaxation area that you feel proud to share with your friends and loved ones. Our professionals can help you with installation so you can start enjoying these stunning appliances. Choose the most befitting one today and enjoy high energy-efficiency.

Each of these appliances has wide views and frame designs that match multiple interior designs. The aesthetics in these fireplaces cannot be found elsewhere either. Multiple accents, styles, and finishes are available to allow you to get the seamless flow you want in your rooms. You can choose between front-facing models, corner models, and multi-sided models for various installation preferences. You also get to choose the perfect size for your rooms, depending on whether you live in a condo or ranch.

Types of Fireplaces​

Flexible display options await you with this electric fireplace. Corner installations, bay installations, and front-facing installations are some of the options you get, with the mirror effect making each display better. The linear fireplace also has multiple controls that will allow you to personalize the heating and decorative features however you want. You can get as creative as you want with these units to make them pop in the room.

Key features and benefits

Multiple flame effects: Whether you use the fireplace during the day or night, you will get very realistic flames. Different colour effects and colour settings will increase the depth and give you independent control of the fire.

Media options: Adjustable modern media bed and top light make personalizing the fireplace easier. Different sizes of acrylic crystals and several colour options in the reset mode and prism mode will give you a look you desire.

Viewing and heating system: Large viewing area and concealed heater will create the atmosphere you want and keep you safe.

Smart features: These features are built-in automatic timers that turn off the fireplace after 8 hours, a sensor that adjusts the light, air circulation mode, and eco and heat boost.

Heater disconnection: This can be done with remote controls or hard resetting.

Product Dimensions:

H 23 78 in x W 50 12 in x D 12 18 in

H 60.4 cm x W 128.4 cm x D 30.5 cm

Advanced customized controls and features are some of the factors that make this fireplace stand out. You can choose the kind of experience you want to have with this fireplace without using too much effort or energy. There are controls to change the heat, flames, and air circulations. Customization options are also available during installation, with front, left, and right-side installations being possible.

Key features and benefits

Colour and flame settings: You get vivid flames from the multi-layered flame effects that you can control independently.

Smart options: Smart technology with features like automatic timers, light sensors for ambiance, self-diagnostics, and air circulation options all enhance performance and usability.

Controllable heat management system: You can disconnect the heater during summer instead of uninstalling it.

Advanced media bed: The media bed has been improved to look better and amplify the performance and aesthetics of the fireplace.

More interior options: Get the top light and the media bed to appear however you want it with the preset colors and prism mode.

Larger viewing area: Over 40 cm viewing glass and eco boost will ensure you have a great time in front of the fire.

Product Dimensions:

H 23 78 in x W 63 18 in x D 12 18 in

H 60.4 cm x W 128.4 cm x D 30.5 cm

The lifelike flame technology, multifunctional remote, and touch controls are some of the features you’ll notice about this fireplace. The stunning design also makes it one of the most attractive electric fireplaces currently available. Dimplex has taken it a step further by having the new flame technology to increase efficiency while increasing heat capacity. It will also give you clean air, and you won’t have to worry about a chimney or gas line.

Key features and benefits

Heat/eco boost: Allows you to get the heat capacity you need to am up the room quickly.

Numerous colour themes: Choose any colour you like to go with your mood.

24/7 comfort: You can still get the flames even without the heater being on. Continuously set the right ambiance without worrying about energy consumption.

Clean design: It has a large viewing area with clean glass finishes for optimal modern design.

Simple installation: Single-sided, corner, double-sided, and triple-sides options are all available for any installation you prefer.

Improved media bed: The acrylic ember on the media bed, together with the reflective glass, will keep you entertained as you enjoy the warmth from the fireplace.

Touch controls: These will keep the backlights hidden when the fireplace isn’t being used.

Product Dimensions

H 23 78 in x W 75 58 in x D 12 18 in

H 30.5 cm x W 192.1 cm x D 60.4 cm

These electric fireplaces are better than most of the other categories and are the perfect replacement for gas or wood fireplaces. Modern finishes will add more value to your interior décor and make your room stand out. You won’t have to deal with smoke or insufficient heat capacity. The versatility of these appliances begins with installations. Choose a model that can easily fit into your existing walls.

Key features and benefits

Ceramic heating system: The patented heat system saves energy by adjusting the power consumption and fan circulation. The system also increases your safety by adjusting the fireplaces according to the room requirements.

Design: Edge-to-edge glass gives a wide viewing area for clear views of the flames, while the colour themes allow you to set up your preferred hue.

Multi-functional remote: In addition to the in-built controls, you also get a remote control with multiple features that eases your convenience.

Flame effects: You get natural flame without smoke and being limited by visual features. The media bed gives you sparkling chunks of ember that you will revel in.

Circulation mode: The feature increases air movement to maintain the quality of air in the room.

Product Dimensions

H 23 78 in x W 88 14 in x D 12 18 in

H 30.5 cm x W 223.9 cm x D 60.4 cm