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Dimplex Brand

Dimplex Brand

Many homeowners have a gas fireplace but avoid servicing it until things go wrong. Whether you schedule an appointment with a qualified fireplace service technician or decide to check out some of the more obvious things yourself, it can save you money and time in the long run. 

Gas Fireplace Servicing Strategies

The initial and principal guideline of any gas fireplace is to have it checked every year. You can have your annual gas inspection and chimney cleaning done at the same time with a professional chimney company.

Make sure your entire gas fireplace system is inspected annually. It’s worth keeping the fire burning inside your home safe and well maintained.

Guidelines for Different Kinds of Gas Systems

As you may know, there are different kinds of gas fireplaces and the guidelines for servicing them are also different. For example, some models have a standing pilot, meaning that the pilot light stays on throughout. Some models do not require servicing quite as often. Some of these units have a pilot light on when only in use and others use electronic ignition and do not require a pilot system at all.

Nowadays, all vent-free gas fireplaces and gas log sets come with an in-built oxygen depletion sensor to ensure the safe operation of the appliance. The sensor should be cleaned annually to prevent it from becoming more sensitive and possibly causing annoying shutdowns.

If you can change the oil or spark plugs in your car without breaking anything, then you should not have a problem handling this task. To be on the safe side, engage the services of a qualified professional.

The intention of this service is to just clean out the accumulation of residues in the pilot opening. You can even use a can of compressed air – the one used for cleaning the keyboard. Using it with the included straw will enable you to easily direct air toward the opening.

Before you begin the cleaning task, ensure the pilot is off. If the pilot assembly is more than 5 years or you leave near saltwater, you will need to seek professional assistance, as doing it yourself won’t be effective.

Designed with Cleaner Burning in Mind

Ventless logs are specially designed to burn very cleanly. If you notice any black sooty deposits, your logs and burner are not set up correctly. You can also employ the services of a professional technician to check it before you continue using them.

When using other fireplaces and gas logs, ensure you clean them as well, depending on how frequently you’re using them. You should clean them regularly to prevent any sooty build-up.

Most direct vent gas fireplaces come with fixed glass panels that need to be cleaned annually to be clear enough. If you notice your glass is collecting soot or a black residue, you need to adjust your fireplace. In case you see a gray or white film in your glass, you needn’t worry because this is normal. The gas itself has chemical compounds that produce the white or gray residue.

Never use glass cleaners containing ammonia. Using water and a piece of soft cloth is just enough, provided you make it part of your regular cleaning routine. You can even add a little vinegar to make the cleaning task easier. In case of tougher deposits, you may need a special fireplace glass cleaner. After cleaning, dry your glass completely and check for fingerprints and streaks before you reinstall it.

If your gas fireplace has issues that need skilled technicians, give us a call. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are highly trained to maintain, install, and repair all kinds of gas fireplaces.

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